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Real Life Benefits
Here are some examples of how the OstoSolutions Ostomy Pouch Disposal Seal can change your life and allow you to pursue the activities you enjoy without disposal odor concerns!

RestaurantLet’s assume you are primarily a drainable pouch user but also use closed-end pouches in combination for certain occasions. You head off to your favorite restaurant with your drainable on. Bring along a supply of closed-end pouches along with a few Pouch Disposal Seals. Now you don’t have to sit on the toilet to change your drainable pouch. Take it off standing in the restroom, insert the seal and dispose of the pouch without any worries. Put on your closed-end pouch and continue to use closed-end pouches as needed while you are out that night. When you get home, change back to your drainable pouch.

Party with friendsThe occasion arises to go to a party hosted at a friend’s house and 10 to 20 of your friends will be coming. In the past, you’ve come up with excuses on why you can’t make it knowing full well the reason you don’t want to go is having to drain the pouch one or more times in your friend’s bathroom. This time, go to the party and when the pouch fills, go out to your car, pull out your supply of Pouch Disposal Seals and closed-end pouches and make the change in or near the privacy of your car. Put the sealed, 100% odor-proof used pouch in your car and discard it in the trash when you get home. You’ve made it to the party, you’ve avoided the embarrassment of using your friend’s bathroom, and the used pouch will have no odor in your car.

FishingSay, you want to go out fishing or ride on a motorboat or sailboat. There are either no heads on the small boat or the larger boat has a small head. The idea of draining stool out of a drainable pouch either over the side of the boat (where legal) or in a confined small head is just too much for you to deal with, so you just don’t participate in these activities. Now with Pouch Disposal Seals for your drainable pouch or closed-end pouch, you can find a private place on the back of the boat and in 20 seconds or less, the change is made. Store your 100% odor-proof used pouch with your other gear until you get off the boat and can dispose of the used pouch.

For patients needing caregiver assistance or for those in a hospital – a pouch change can be made in seconds by a caregiver or nursing aid compared to the lengthy drainage process with drainable pouches.

See our How-to Video demonstrations showing how to Make a Change™ in various environments >